A universe of collectible NFTs


Otherverse is a re-imagined platform for digital collectibles

Future Proof NFTs

Building on the Algorand blockchain that benefits from near-zero transaction fees, least carbon footprint, and the fastest transactions times of any chain.

Powered by Originals Only: the next-generation NFT mint, creating the most efficient process for minting, burning, or transferring NFTs and Algorand.

An integrated secondary marketplace across multiple stores, making Otherverse the best place to trade Algorand NFTs, and ensuring royalties reach their source.

How it Works


Create or Connect your Algo wallet


Buy your favourite collectibles as NFT packs from any Otherverse Store


Open the packs to add the NFTs into your Algo Wallet


View your collection across different stores on your Otherverse profile


Buy and Sell single or bundled NFTs on the Otherverse Marketplace

Want to become an affiliate store on Otherverse?

Coming Soon

Otherverse Stores to Look out for

Otherverse collaboration with



Beta Release and NFT minting ready


First Stores start making and selling Packs


Otherverse Secondary Marketplace Launch


Otherverse Token Launch
(token rewards to be announced)